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How to propose an article

The Editorial Policy of Sens Public

General publishing conditions

  • All texts proposed for publication in Sens Public Review, must be previously proofread or revised, in detail.
  • The author should provide a more or less 5-line biography, possibly followed by a personal bibliography, re-usable for all the articles he will publish on the site. The author will be able to update this information whenever he wishes.
  • The author will be requested to sign a contract authorising Sens Public to publish his article(s) of which he must affirm he is the sole author.
  • Any author wishing to become a member of the Association Sens Public/Puzzle will have to pay a yearly fee of 60 € (30 € for students). For any information, please contact :

Articles format and layout

  • Word processing software : Word format (.doc) or OpenOffice format (.odt).
  • Length of texts : 15,000 to 75,000 characters for articles, minimum 6,000 characters for books reviews ; maximum 400,000 characters for memoirs and essays.
  • Body of the text : Tahoma Police 10pt. Footnotes : Tahoma Police 9pt. The hierarchy of titles and subtitles must be apparent ; the printing and size will be automatically modified during the publishing process.
  • The main title should start with a capital letter and then be written in lower case letters. Titles should never be capitalized. (ex : BALZAC)
  • Words should not be underlined or set out in bold type, but italicised (except in special, fully justified cases).
  • Centuries are written in Arabic numerals. Ex : 17th century.
  • The practice generally accepted for bibliographic references is "Harvard style".
    For books :
    Last name, First name, Title of the book, Place, Publisher, Year, Page(s) quoted.
    For articles :
    Last name, First name, Title of the article, Name of review, Volume, Issues, Date, Page(s) quoted.

Articles written in a language other than French can use a notation system more commonly used in French texts, for example " :" for the name of the editor.

In references contained in footnotes, author's names should not be written in upper case letters (ex : BALZAC) but in lower case letters (ex : Balzac). Author's names appearing in a general bibliography at the end of an article, are written in capital letters (ex : BALZAC).

  • Authors are imperatively required to provide a 5 to 10 lines abstract written in two languages (apart from the original language of the text, French or English), as well as 5 to 12 keywords (concepts, notions, names of important persons mentioned in the article). Each keyword will serve as an entrance gate to the text.
  • Internet sites and documentation : We request authors to provide a few electronic addresses related to a part or the whole of the subject treated. The addresses must be validated by the author as to their seriousness and relevance. The author can insert them directly in the text of his article by means of his word processing software.