James Barrett


James Barrett is an adjunct and PhD candidate in the Department of Language Studies at Umeå University in Sweden. Much of his work is conducted in HUMlab, a digital humanities lab and studio, where teaching, research and creation are delivered under the umbrella of a multidisciplinary and high-tech meeting space. Barrett’s PhD thesis (to be defended in the Fall 2013) is entitled "The Ergodic Revisited : Spatiality as Governing Principle of Reading Digital Narrative", which examines how reading is governed by the spatial in four works of digital literature. Barrett has published on narrative in trans-cultural and digital media contexts, with a particular interest in the concepts of reading and performance. Barrett also works with networks in digital art, virtual worlds, pedagogy that involves digital media, and digital culture. Barrett also teaches cultural studies, literature, and narrative design in 2D and 3D media.