Diversity and similarity beyond ethnicity : migrants’ material practices, Maja Povrzanovic Frykman

Writing the commons to support citizen struggles in South East Europe, Cécile Jeanmougin, Valentine Porche

Multicultural Sweden, assimilationist France : how and why national identity narratives evolve, Nathalie Blanc-Noël

"Cultural distance" among speakers of the same language, Elena Gómez Parra

Dante à Notre-Dame, Roberto Gac

From the Egyptian Crisis of 1882 to Iraq of 2003, Hall Gardner

Origine des langues, origine des peuples, Jean-Jacques Briu

Un livre qui m’a bouleversée..., Geneviève Brisac

Que pensent les Chinois des Européens ?, Stéphane Corcuff

A different kind of activism : the position of catholic women teachers in their union (Belgium, 1950-1965), Marc Depaepe, Lies van Rompaey, Franck Simon

National identity, inclusion and exclusion. An empirical investigation, Hans Lödén

The language situation in Sweden : the relationship between the main language and the national minority languages, Riina Heikkilä

Kant’s moral philosophy and the question of pre-emptive war, William Mac Bride

The destruction of the Parthenon, Christos Chryssopoulos, Pierre Jassogne

Addressing cultural differences resulting from immigration : a comparison between French and Swedish public policies, Cyril Coulet

It Ain’t Over Till the Fat lady Sings, James Bond

La Grande Guerre a-t-elle brutalisée les sociétés européennes ? , Alexandra de Hoop Scheffer

Hegemony as an Anglo-American Succession, 1815-2004, Patrick O'Brien

Digital Praxis for Disseminating the French Language and Culture Globally, Sens Public

World Hegemony and its Aftermath, Hall Gardner

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